Once you have chosen which courses you would like, Sign Up Now! and follow the easy-to-use online form. You will receive a confirmation email and then will need to phone our office to complete your application. You can always call our toll free number at 1-877-862-2707 and the BCOS staff will process your application.

Students use their Brightspace account (set up on registration) to access their course materials including lessons, assignments and assessments. There is contact information to connect with your teacher posted at the side of every course, should you have any questions.
You are free to work at your own pace and at any time of the day. You will need to complete your course within one calendar year from the date you submit your first assignment. Please contact us if you would like to know more about how we can meet any educational needs you have.
Our courses are designed to be flexible. Students can complete over a semester, a typical school year, or on an accelerated schedule. Most grad level courses will take the average student in the range of 80 to 120 hours to complete, depending on subject area.

No. Students enroll in courses on their own with our online application found here. We encourage students to talk with their parents or school counselor about whatever courses they decide to enroll in .

The courses are designed to meet all of the BC Learning Standards as defined by the Ministry of Education. All of the teachers with BC Online School are BC Certified Teachers.

BC Online reports your credits and grades directly to your school of record every three to four weeks depending on the time of the year. Your school will then report it to the BC Ministry of Education to appear on your transcript. If you are no longer attending a school, we will report your final grade to your last known school of record. At any time students can check their grades in Brightspace.

All of our courses are available as summer courses. Some notes to consider:

  • Students working responsibly in the course can continue to work in the fall as students have up to a year from activation to complete the course. Due to technology/program upgrades that take place in the last two weeks of August, students will not be able to access their courses for two weeks at the end of August.
  • Students enrolling for summer school should plan to complete their course by the announced date in early August to ensure a final grade prior to school start up in September.
  • Grade 12 summer final marks will be reported directly to the BC Ministry of Education.
  • Grade 8-11 final marks will be reported to the student’s school of record.

To reset your password please go here. You will need the email address that you signed up with .

Some of our Advanced Placement courses (ie. AP Calculus and Calculus 12) have been designed to meet the learning outcomes for the Advanced Placement course as well as the equivalent high school course. This means a student can choose to take just the grade 12 course, or with a bit extra work, both the Grade 12 and AP material. The student would then receive up to 12 high school credits for taking grade 12 level coursework in addition to AP material. Additionally, students have the choice of taking the optional AP exam in May with potential to earn university credit (AP exams require an additional $200 fee paid to the College Board for the exam which is collected at the time of registration for the exam).

No! Call our office at 1-877-862-2707 and you or your school counselor can request additional courses.

If you want to be a full-time online school student, please apply at Heritage Christian Online School. This program supports students who want to do all their education through a distance learning program.

Grade reports and final grades are sent every 4-6 weeks based on the school calendar. Your school of record is then responsible to send those grades to the Ministry of Education where they will appear on your transcript.

BCOS will report an interim grade at the end of April to your school of record to be placed on your PSI report if 50% or more of the course is completed and assessed.

If you need an interim grade outside of the PSI report:

  • You must have a minimum of 50% of your course completed and assessed when you make a request.
  • You must request the grade one week in advance of when the report needs to be sent.

Please contact interim.grades@bconlineschool.ca for assistance. 

If you are over the age of 18, living in BC and have not graduated, the Ministry of Education will provide funding for you to take courses in order to complete your graduation. However, there is a $75.00 per course fee.

As an independent school we currently do not receive any funding from the Ministry for adult graduated students. Our courses for a graduated student cost $650 per course.

The public system does offer some courses for free for adult students, and we recommend looking at https://learnnowbc.ca for a list of online schools throughout BC .

In order to withdraw from your course, please contact your teacher with the request. They will confirm eligibility of withdrawal (having completed less than 80% of the course)

Learn about new course offerings as they become available!