Information for Students

Distributed Learning (DL) with BC Online School gives you the opportunity to learn at any pace, any place, any time. Now you can take courses that meet graduation requirements at no additional cost while still enrolled in your present school. We offer courses which range from basic graduation to university entrance requirements. You have the choice to enroll yourself, or have your counselor or parent help you through the process.

Our courses: Course Costs
  • will give you full credit towards graduation
  • are taught by experienced, BC certified Christian teachers
  • are written from a Christian perspective
  • use a rich combination of resources, media (including video), interaction with classmates, and good teacher-student communication
  • Free for students who are 19 and under based on Date of Birth.
  • Graduated Adult students, 19 and over are not funded and will have a course fee of $650 plus the cost of resources.
  • International students - $925 per course plus the cost of resources (textbooks) if applicable.

To apply for courses, please visit our Enrollment section.

Information for Schools & Counselors

All Grade 10-12 BC students, public or independent, are now able to enroll in approved DL online courses in either public or independent DL schools. (Provincial Legislation: Bill 33)

BC Online School:

Our purpose is to enable and support schools and students by giving them more academic alternatives through internet based learning. Our courses give a rich learning experience through a creative collection of media tools including: interactive courseware, video content, textbook resources, online forums, real-time video and real-time chat communication tools, and more. For a list of available courses visit Our courses are designed with Provincial Exams in mind and we provide additional materials and support for exam preparation.

BC Online School provides:

  • full technical support Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • frequent communication to parents, teachers, and counselors
  • an in-depth online marking and reporting system

BC Online School is for the student who:

  • needs more flexibility in their schedule
  • desires to graduate early
  • is interested in retaking a course
  • works well in an online environment
  • wants to take courses written from a Christian worldview

If you have any Grade 10-12 students whose academic program could benefit from enrolling in our courses, please be directed to our Enrollment page.

Grade 8 and 9 courses now being offered.

Current Grade 8 and 9 students who are BC residents, Canadian citizens or landed immigrants are partial funded through the Ministry of Education.

The fee per course is $200 plus the cost of textbooks if applicable.

Final grades will be submitted to your registered school upon completion of course.

Please note: Students cannot take the same course at the same time from two different schools.